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Captain Alden Montgomery

Name Alden Montgomery

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 49

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 175
Hair Color Brown with grey streaks
Eye Color Blue


Spouse Single; divorced
Children Son: LtJG. Joseph Alexander Sweeney Montgomery (23), Operations Officer, USS Galatea (Luna-class)
Son: Ens. Matthew Sweeney Montgomery (22), USS Thomas Paine (New Orleans-class)
Daughter: Cdt. Patricia Sweeney Montgomery (18), Science, Starfleet Academy
Father VAdm Alexander-Joseph Sr. Montgomery, 72
Mother Capt (Rtd.) Mallory Montgomery (nee Douglas), 68
Brother(s) Capt. Alexander-Joseph Jr. "A.J." Montgomery (51, Delia's twin), Commanding Officer of the USS Wyvern (Intrepid-class)
Cmdr. Norman Benjamin "Ben", Chief of Security (45), Outpost Sierra VI
Sister(s) Capt. Delia Foster nee Montgomery (51, A.J.'s twin); Starfleet Operations Attache (San Francisco, Earth)
Other Family Ex-wife: Doctor (Lieutenant Commander) Susan Sweeney (45), Chief Medical Officer, USS Montreal (Akira-class)
Brother-in-law: Capt. Daniel Foster, Starfleet Academy Instructor (San Francisco, Earth)

Personality & Traits

Personal History 2335: Alden Montgomery is born the third child to parents Vice Admiral Alexander-Joseph Sr. and Captain (Retired) Mallory Montgomery (nee Douglas) aboard the USS Potemkin (Excelsior-class; NCC 18253).

2340: Vice Admiral Alexander-Joseph Montgomery Sr. is promoted to the rank of Captain and receives his first Commanding Officer posting onboard the Ambassador-class USS Elbridge Gerry. AJ, Sr. brings the twins A.J. Jr and Delia with him until Mallory Montgomery's transfer requests goes through six months later. Reuniting the family together.

2352: Rct. Alden Montgomery enrols at Starfleet Academy.

2362: Lieutenant Alden Montgomery onboard the USS Liberty (NCC-68712) meets Medical Officer Lt. JG. Susan Sweeney for the first time.

2363: Montgomery and Sweeney have their first child together, a son, Joseph Alexander Sweeney Montgomery.

2364: Lieutenant Alden Montgomery and Lt. JG. Susan Sweeney are married. Their second child and son Matthew Sweeney Montgomery is born on their Honeymoon.

2366: Lieutenant JG Susan Sweeney is promoted to Lieutenant and offered a senior medical officer position onboard Starbase 12. Montgomery and Sweeney agree that a starship isn't a place for their children.

2367: Following the events of the Battle of Wolf 359; Doctor Susan Sweeney made arrangements through Alden's father Commodore Alexander-Joseph Montgomery's assistance for a new posting on Starbase 12 so she can be closer to their children and her -- while the Liberty was at port.

Alden declined the Starbase Commander's offer and remained aboard the Liberty acting as first officer.

The same year Alden Montgomery and Susan Sweeney brought in their third and final child, a daughter named Patricia Sweeney Montgomery.

2368: Doctor Susan Sweeney files for divorce against her estranged husband Lieutenant Commander Alden Montgomery. In the same year the divorce is finalized; he is awarded visitation rights and if he's aboard a posting that allows families; he can have them aboard two months out of the year.
Service Record 2352: Rct. Montgomery enrols at Starfleet Academy.

2356: Montgomery graduates from Starfleet Academy. He double majors in flight control and operations. He is given his first assignment aboard the Excelsior-class USS Repulse (NCC-2544) as a relief helmsman and operations officer with the rank of Ensign.

2359: Montgomery is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant junior grade. He would continue to serve as a helmsman and operations officer.

2362: Lieutenant JG Montgomery is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and is reassigned to the USS Liberty (NCC-68712) as the Chief Conn Officer.

2365: Lieutenant Montgomery is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He is asked to write the Bridge Officer's examination in which he passes. He is given the responsibilities as second officer.

2367: The Liberty is deployed to Wolf 359 and engages the Borg. The ship suffers mass casualties including the first officer. Montgomery receives a field promotion to first officer.

2369: Montgomery is promoted to the rank of Commander.

2373: The Liberty suffers major losses and is towed to port at Starbase 418. She is beyond repair and scuttled. The surviving crew of the Liberty are transferred to other vessels.

Commander Alden Montgomery is given his first command of the Defiant-class USS Telesto (NCC-83141).

2375: Captain Alden Montgomery is