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Lieutenant Commander Stuvek

Name Stuvek

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 45

Physical Appearance

Height 1.95m
Weight 86kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Stuvek is tall and appears to be lanky/skinny, but he regularly runs long distances, either on the holodeck with simulated Vulcan gravity or along the corridors outside his quarters. He has the typical Vulcan haircut and unremarkable Vulcan facial features.


Father Sturan
Mother T'Keya
Other Family Cousin, Commodore Sturak (retired Chief of Starfleet Sciences)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Stuvek is often quiet and comtemplative. He likes to study the behaviors of his fellow crewmates and considers him somewhat of an amateur sociologist. Stuvek's interest in Soong-type androids consumes almost as much of his non-working hours as it does his working hours.
Strengths & Weaknesses Stuvek is in great physical condition and as a former student of kolinahr is quite adept at controlling his emotions. One of his biggest weaknesses is that he has very few interpersonal relationships with others, few friends and never has had any kind of romantic bond.
Ambitions Stuvek hopes to one day create his own Soong-type positronic matrix android. He hopes to be able to imbue this android with the history and culture of Vulcan as a monument to his home planet and its people.
Hobbies & Interests Stuvek spends a lot of his free time studying the work of Drs. Soong and Maddox as he continues to hone his study of positronic neural networks and matrices. When he is not doing this, Stuvek studies the diaspora of the Vulcan and Romulan people. Stuvek was a proponent of the efforts at reunification between the Vulcan and Romulan people, and hopes one day to see more strides made toward this.

Personal History Stuvek was raised on Vulcan. His parents were very stoic and never felt the need to pair-bond their only child with a mate, hoping instead that he would find an unattached female Vulcan to marry and start a family. From his first few years of schooling, Stuvek showed an interest in the sciences in general and synthetic lifeforms in particular. After completing his basic education, Stuvek went through a course of study in kolinahr to learn to better control his emotions. When he finished with his studies of kolinahr, Stuvek enrolled in the Vulcan Science Academy, where he studied astrogation but focused on Soong-type positronic neural networks. His study at the VSA led him to move to Earth, where he took a position as a research fellow at the Daystrom Institute in Okinawa, studying emerging cognition and emotions in Soong-type and Maddox-prototype androids. Stuvek entered the Starfleet Academy at the urging of his section chief, a retired Starfleet scientist (although Stuvek also felt inspired to do this after hearing the many family stories of his cousin Sturak). Stuvek did well in his science classes in the Academy, but not as well in other subjects. He finished 290th out of his class of 700 students and was commissioned to Starfleet as a Science Officer. As he rose slowly through the ranks, Stuvek kept an eye on the work of Dr. Maddox at Daystrom, and was awarded the opportunity of his lifetime when he was reassigned to the USS Lancelot to work as a Assistant Chief Science Officer and liaison to Daystrom and Starfleet Command, reporting on the performance and behavior of the Lancelot's android officer. He now serves as Chief Science Officer and continues to observe and report on the XO, Charlie.
Service Record 2374 - 2378: Starfleet Academy, focusing on Sciences
2378 - 2380: Science Officer/Astrogation Officer (Ensign through Lieutenant) of the USS Apeiron
2380 - 2384: Assistant Chief Science Officer (Lieutenant) of the USS Lancelot, selected to observe and report on the android Charlie.
2384 - Present: Chief Science Officer (Lieutenant Commander) of USS Lancelot, liaison to Daystrom and Starfleet Command on the performance of XO, Charlie.