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The New Skip [2378]

Posted on Tue Jun 9th, 2020 @ 5:07pm by Captain Alden Montgomery & Commander Robert Drake
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Mission: History
Location: USS Lancelot
Timeline: Seven Years Ago - 2378

Seven Years Ago

Near the Romulan Neutral Zone

USS Skeena on final approach to USS Lancelot NCC-74410

Captain Alden Montgomery sat at the table centered the aft cabin onboard the Danube-class roundabout. He had a PADD in one hand, a mug of rakjatino in another with a pile of PADDs in front of him. He was filling himself on personnel onboard his next posting onboard the Nebula-class starship as her incoming Commanding Officer. Montgomery knew that there would be additional personnel changes in the coming months but he didn't want to reflect on that too much. He needed to be more concerned about the ships readiness with incuring Romulan excursions into the Neutral Zone.

Alden's commbadge chirped. 

"The CONN to Captain Montgomery," a familiar voice came over the commlink.

The Captain tapped his commbadge, "Go for Montgomery." 

"We are on final approach to your new posting, Captain. I thought you'd want to have the opportunity to take a look at her yourself."

Alden places the coffee mug on the table in front of him. He pushes the chair out far enough for him to move up to his feet collecting his PADDs and putting them in a small messenger bag he slings over his shoulder. 

"Thank you Lieutenant, I'm on my way."

Alden exits the aft cabin and enters the cockpit section of the roundabout. He smiles at the shuttle pilot Lieutenant junior grade Bradley Jorgensen and his co-pilot Ensign Barbara Cortes sitting next of him. She looks over her shoulder to the Captain, "Welcome back to the bow, Captain." 

The Captain smiled.

"Would you like to see her on main viewer, sir?" Ensign Cortes inquired. 

Montgomery nodded while he squatted down between the two officers to get a closer look, "Yes, please." 

Cortes pulled the Lancelot on the main viewer. 

"Roundabout USS Frasier, this is the USS Lancelot NCC-74410 please make these course heading adjustments to complete the rendezvous," the unfamiliar voice came over the ship-to-ship link. Captain Montgomery smiled while he looked at the Lancelot with adoration. He hadn't noticed that Ensign Cortes had been looking up at him awaiting additional orders. He realized eyes were trained upon him.

He looked over to her then Ensign Cortes spoke, "Captain?" 

"Yes? Oh, right. Apologies, Ensign." Captain Montgomery jumped out of a day dream of his newest command. "Let them know that we are following through with their request." 

Montgomery looked to his left to Lieutenant Jorgensen, "Lieutenant please put in their course correction and begin to approach for ship-to-ship transport."

"Aye, Captain." 

"I'm going to prepare for my leave. Thank you both for a memorable trip out to the Neutral Zone." 

Bridge, USS Lancelot NCC-74410

Moments Later

Commander Carl Dunn sat in the centre seat on the upgraded Galaxy-class bridge module. He was temporarily Acting Commanding Officer within his capacity as Executive Officer aboard the USS Lancelot NCC-74410. Starfleet Command had realized that the original Nebula-class bridge module was inefficient and wasn't spacious enough for central ship operations due to overcrowding. For the Lancelot it was a part of the latest minor refit in 2377 after it was called into port. 

The Andorian Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Oseth Ch'zaaqiq looked over their shoulder to the Commander Dunn, "Commander, the Fraser has notified us that Captain Montgomery is ready for site-to-site transport." 

"Bring him aboard, Lieutenant." Dunn answered. He looked over to Chief of Security and Acting Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Robert Drake at his station. "Please welcome the Captain aboard, Mr. Drake. Please bring Lieutenant Ch'zaaqiq with you." 

Lieutenant Commander Robert Hamish Drake, glanced over from the security station at the forward end of the bank of consoles on the port side of the bridge, his green eyes focusing on Commander Dunn. He was not tall, in fact his five foot eight put him below average for a human male from his part of Earth. He had thick black hair, cut cleanly and parted and a smooth shaved face. His presence could be described as "average" he was not large, not stocky, not rail thin either, just a comfortable unassuming middle. His grey black and gold securety uniform was immaculate, as the uniform of a department head should be.

A Scotsman from Inverness, he spoke with the appropriate Scottish brogue. "Aye, sir" he said with a nod of his head. He set his station to standbye, even though he knew an alternate from his department would be there in moments to take over as soon as he vacated his chair, operational sercurity was something he took serious at all times. Drake stood, adjusted the front of his uniform tunic and steppad away from the security station. Almost immediatly, Lieutenant Wesson was there to take over.

"Right, lad, let's go, we dinnae want te keep the new Cap'n waitin" he said to Ch'zaaqiq as he walked to the port aft turbolift and stepped aboard as the orage doors hissed open. As soon as he and Ch'zaaqiq were aboard he called out, "Transporter room wan" to the computer and the lift hummed away down it's tube.

A short minute later they had been deposited on the appropriate deck and had walked the short few paces from the lift to the transporter room. The deep green walled compartment hummed with the sound of the transporter system, it's emitters, buffers, matter dematerializers, all the complex equipment needed to take someone or something apart, shoot them across space and put them back together on the other end. It was probbaly the most complicated and technically advanced system ever conceived besides the warp drive, and even that there was an argument for it being more so than even that system.

"Chief, signal the runabout, we're ready fer them to energize" he said and clasped his hands behind his back as he waited for the shimmering blue-white transporter beam to flicker into existance on the brightly lit platform.

"Certainly Commander," Lieutenant Ch'zaaqiq dismissed the transporter officer from the console. "Standing by. We've got it. On your orders, Commander." The Chief Operations Officer looked from their console to the Chief of Security.

"Energize" Drake replied.

"Energizing now, Commander." Andorian Chief Operations Officer placed their three fingers on the pattern buffer control and gradually begun to pull his fingers upward to bring forth Captain Alden Montgomery's pattern onboard the Lancelot. The blue-white beam appeared on the transporter pad and the Captain's body appeared simultaneously. 

Captain Alden Montgomery looked around the Nebula-class's main transporter room to observe his surroundings. He took a step down off the pad onto the main deck of the transporter room. There were two commissioned and one non-commissioned officers on the deck with him. He spotted the two full and one half pips insignia of Lieutenant Commander wearing a yellow tunic. He assumed that he was Lieutenant Commander Robert H. Drake, Chief of Security of the USS Lancelot, "You must be Lieutenant Commander Drake, Chief of Security?" Montgomery raised his hand to greet Drake, "Captain Alden Montgomery, this cruiser's new skip." 

"Aye, Captain. Commander Robert Drake at yer service!" the Scotsman replied with a warm smile. "Welcome aboard the Lancelot he said, extending his hand to shake the new Captain's. "This here is Lieutenant Oseth Ch'zaaqiq, Chief o' Operations" he noddeed to the blue skinned, white haired andorian who had operated the transporter to bring Captain Montgomery aboard.

"The pleasure is all mine, Commander." The Captain took the Scottish Lieutenant Commander's hand with his own and shook it firmly. The Captain then shook Lieutenant Ch'zaaqiq's hand as well, "Thank you for safely bringing me aboard." 

"Not a problem, Captain. I'll be handing things over here to Transporter Officer Ensign Haase to bring your personal belongings from the Fraser," Lieutenant Ch'zaaqiq responded while he shook the Captain's hand. 

"Thank you, Lieutenant." The Captain looked over to Commander Drake, "would you like to escort me to the bridge and my ready room, Commander?"

"Aye" Drake nodded, gesturing for Montgomery to lead the way out of the transporter room. "Let's make out way to the bridge then, shall we?" he said as the large double doors hissed open, revealing the brushed steel walls of the passageway outside.

"I know I am familiar with your personnel file, Lieutenant Commander. How long have you been aboard the Lancelot?"

"Ohh far too long for my own good, I'm sure" Drake replied with a wry smile, then added; "I have been serving aboard the Lance for seven years"

"Here for the longhaul?" Montgomery asked. "I hope you stick around for a bit longer."

"Aye, Skipper, that's the idea" the Scotsman replied. "Been with the Lance for most of my career and don't plan to go anywhere else 'till I have too."

The Captain smiled once they've reached the Turbolift, he pressed the call button. He was pleased that the Scottish Lieutenant Commander was content with staying aboard the Lancelot, "What are your career aspirations, Commander?"

"Well, I'm workin' on that one, to tell you the truth, Captain" Drake replied honestly. His goal in the early days of his career had been to become Chief of Security and he had reached that a few years ago now and was just comfortable inhabiting the job for now. "See beyond where I am now, I go to desk jobs on a starbase teaching at the Academy, unless I want to retrain and change divisions" he shrugged. "And I kinda like being Chief of Security of a starship"

The Turbolift door swooshed open, the Captain stepped inside, "Bridge, Deck 1." The Captain turned around to face the Lieutenant Commander to continue their conversation, "No command aspirations whatsoever? Don't wanna be a captain?" 

"Ah, I dunnea about that. Maybe some day down the road" Drake replied. "I come from a long line of police in my family and run the security department aboard a starship, that's a pretty good achievement so far" he said.

"Fair enough, Commander. Let me know if that ever changes," Montgomery replied. The door swooshed open to the bridge. 

"Aye, I will" Drake nodded as the lift doors hissed open, revealing the bridge of the Lancelot to Captain Montgomery for the first time.


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