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Oh, And You're The New XO

Posted on Tue Aug 18th, 2020 @ 2:42pm by Captain Alden Montgomery & Lieutenant Commander Julia Silva

Mission: Vetus amicus vale (Goodbye Old Friend)
Timeline: MD 4 1930

"Captain's personnel log stardate 61294.37 supplemental. It has been forty-eight hours since I have ordered Commander Charlie C3A's deactivation and disassembly. There hasn't been an order that I had wished I had obeyed. It was extremely difficult to follow through., I have seen C3A, "Commander Charlie" as he has been unequovically referred to by the crew with utmost respect. I have seen him grow in his experiences onboard the Lancelot. 

"I would also like to say that I have learnt a few things while Charlie had been under my command for the past five years. I was hesitant to be apart of this programme but it was definitely rewarding. I couldn't have been prouder to be his captain but I have failed him as not only as his comrade, his captain and his friend. We have rendezvoused with the (please insert name of ship you are arriving with) and have exchanged personnel with those headed to new horizons and for those being aboard.

"Starfleet Command has recommended that I meet with the new incoming Chief Flight Control Officer. They have suggested that she be Commander Charlie's-" 

There's an interruption at the door, "Pause log." Captain Montgomery looked over at the door, "Just a minute." 

He continued with his log to finish, "We'll have to see. End of log."


Julia materialized on the transporter pad aboard the Lancelot. She nodded to the operator thanking them and ensuring her limited personnel effects had also been transferred. She stepped out into the corridor found it surprisingly busy. She quickly entered the flow of people and entered a lift a moment later. She ordered it to the bridge. Stepping out into the command centre she felt the sense of awe that first stepping onto a bridge often carried. The fact that she hadn't done it in several years made it even grander. She crossed the bridge, nodding to the officers who's eyes she met and pressed the chime to the Captain's door. 

"Just a minute," The Captain called as he finished his captain's personal log. He rose to his feet and replicated a jug of water and a glass. He brought it over to his desk and set it and poured himself a glass of water. He lifted the glass to his lips and took a cooling drink before looking at the door, "Come." 

Julia stepped inside the office and gave her new boss a small smile. "Lieutenant Commander Julia Silva, reporting for duty. I've been assigned as your Chief Flight Control Officer." 

The Captain nodded, "Welcome aboard, Commander Silva. Can I get you a refreshment from the replicator?"

"Coffee, black please Captain." She replied. "I understand that the Lancelot is engaged in the relief efforts, at least for the time being."

The Captain nodded as he took an additional sip from his glass of water before settling it down on his desk. He made his way to the replicator and ordered them both a cup of hot coffee. He brought them over to his desk and set both of them down and pushed her's to her. He sat down in his chair, "Yes for the time being. There aren't a lot of vessels these days that can ferry refugees across the vastness of space. With the attack on Mars, ferry construction has diminished and the project hasn't been reallocated to additional shipyards. We will have to see what happens." 

"So what is our current status?" She asked.

"We are are presently enroute to Spoleto IV."  

She nodded, "Do we have any indication that our orders will be changed? The sense on Earth seemed to be that with this attack we need to pull back and focus on defence, I fear the Romulans may be left out in the cold."

"I haven't received any word officially," Captain Montgomery continued, "It wouldn't be Starfleet if we abandoned the Romulans in their time of need." 

"Let's hope so," she replied. "Is there anything else I need to know before I get to work?" She asked.

"As you know I'm short a first officer," Montgomery continued, "Temporarily my Chief of Security Commander Drake is serving in this capacity. I know that he has no command aspirations. I know that you have prior experience as an XO. Would that be of any interest to you?"

Julia was a little shocked, her tenure as XO had been challenging, and for a time she had dreamed of the big chair. Those dreams were very far away now. When her commission was reactivated the Admiral noted that as a command qualified officer and a great upheaval for Starfleet following the attack she may be tapped as XO, she didn't expect it to be five minutes after reporting aboard.

"To be blunt Captain, I feel like you may be better served by your Security Chief, at least for the time being. I've been out of uniform for several years, someone who is more up to date on the latest procedures of Starfleet may better serve you." She replied. 

"I see you haven't met a Scottish Commander yet... the two of you would get along well," Montgomery smiled.  "I am glad that you were blunt with me, Lieutenant Commander Silva. However due to XO shortages, they are high in demand. You're dismissed. Please meet up with the quartermaster to make arrangements for your quarters and report for first watch at 0500, you'll have the conn." 

"Of course Captain." She said, "Thank you Sir." With a final nod she stepped out.


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