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The Only Family I Have Left

Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 9:38am by Lieutenant Commander Julia Silva

Mission: History
Location: Rio de Janeiro
Timeline: April 5th, 2385

Julia had spent the last three months working with a team trying to help resettle Romulan refugees throughout the Federation.  Even now as a civilian she had more Starfleet connections than many working with the group, and as such often liaised with Starfleet on behalf of their group. Julia was sitting at her desk in the corner of the large open office area the group used, the Earth office of the group work mainly out of Rio, with satellite offices in San Francisco and Paris. When the FNN snapped to a breaking update everyone stopped. There had been an attack, on Mars.


Four Hours Later 

Julia was back in her apartment, face streaked with tears. Still futilely trying to reach family and friends back home. The news net played muted in the background, the only story, of course, Mars. "Ms. Silva, as I have said before, Starfleet is fully mobilizing rescue operations. Starfleet has a handle of it, civilians are not being permitted transit to Mars. All civilian traffic is being grounded in the system until further notice."

"Why has there not been an initial causality count released." She demanded.

"Ma'am you would have to direct that to the government, the President's Office is directly handling all communication related to the attack." The junior Starfleet officer on the other end of the communications line replied. 

Julia shook her head. "Lieutenant, my entire family is on Mars, you need to give me a better answer that."

The officer looked down a paused. "Ma'am I understand, my mother was a project manager at Utopia Planitia, she was almost certainly planetside during the attack."

Julia stopped. Over 90,000 people lived and worked on Mars, 90,000 families were affected. "I'm sorry Lieutenant," She said, forcing herself to regain some composure. "Thank you for what you've been able to tell me. I hope for everyone's sake the news improves."


April 8th, 2385 - Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco

"Congratulations Lieutenant Commander Silva, welcome back." Commodore Richard Lambert said extending his hand over the desk.

"Thank you Sir," Silva replied, the uniform she was wearing was new but just as uncomfortable as she remembered. "I'll admit, I didn't expect to be back, and certainly not under these, circumstances." 

The Commodore nodded, "I was here. When the Breen attacked, a strike on the heart of the Federation. I remember the Admirals swearing never again, never again would an attack like that happen. 2,147 lives were lost that day.  We've lost over 92 thousand now. We'll need every officer we can muster. Thank you for once again committing yourself. I know you requested immediate fleet deployment, I'm sure we'll have orders for you in a few days."

"Thank you, Sir." She said again, and with a final handshake, she headed home to pack up her life and wait for orders.


April 10th, 2385 - USS Kollondar

"You didn't have to walk me to my cabin," Julia said. 

"Course I did, what kind of Captain doesn't greet their guests."

"The Captain of Galaxy-class starships taking on an extra 200 transfer personnel before deploying to evacuate Romulan refugees," Julia replied.

The Captain grinned. "We both know the only reason I outrank you was your retirement." Captain Paul O'Regan said.

Julia smirked, "Doubtful, I was always a little too confrontational for the big chair." She replied.

"You'd be surprised some of the types they let command these days." He replied.

"That's not a good thing," Julia replied they stopped at the cabin and Paul tapped the control opening the door. "Thank you, Captain."

"You can still call me Paul." He replied.

"Thank you, Paul," She said. They lingered near the open door, "Why don't you come in." She said stepping inside the cabin, smiling as Paul followed her in.


April 12th, 2385 - USS Kollondar

"Captain O'Regan to all personnel disembarking to the USS Lancelot please report to transporter room 3, those to USS Rome to transporter room 5, those to USS Jo-Lartu to transporter room 7." 


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