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What Was the Deactivation Plan

Posted on Sun Aug 9th, 2020 @ 11:24pm by Captain Alden Montgomery & Commander Charlie C3A & Lieutenant Commander Stuvek

Mission: Vetus amicus vale (Goodbye Old Friend)
Location: Bridge; Science Lab
Timeline: MD 1 1500 HR


Captain Alden Montgomery periodically checked in on his PADD for the orders from SFCINC. Montgomery looked over at his android first officer Commander Charlie C3A. He frowned and looked away, "Commander." 

Commander Charlie, "Yes sir." 

"Could you please check on our Romulan Attache and make your introduction?" Montgomery asked.

The android rose to his feet, "Yes sir. I will comply with your orders." 

Commander C3A exited the bridge.

Montgomery stood to his feet, he watched his first officer exit and then looked over to Lieutenant Commander Chaaqiq, "you have the conn, Lieutenant Commander." 

The Captain stood from his chair while watching 

The Andorian lieutenant commander rose from his station and sat down in the first officer's chair, "Yes sir."

Primary Science Lab. Ten Minutes Later.

The Captain entered the Science Lab. He didn't recall the last time he was down here. It had been at least a few months since they were on a scientific survey of some kind. He needed to speak with Lieutenant Commander Stuvek about the conundrum he was in with Starfleet over their colleague and friend Commander Charlie. 

He spotted the Chief Science Officer observing junior science officers discussing something related to the sciences, "Can I have a word with you in private, Commander?" 

Stuvek turned to the Captain and noticed the serious look on his face.

"Carry on, ladies and gentlemen."

Stuvek turned back to the Captain, "We can meet in my office in the corner there if that will suffice?"

"That'll work."

The two officers walked to the office in the corner.

"Would you care for a drink, Captain?"

"Water, please." The Captain sat down in front of the Lieutenant Commander's desk. "Have you been following the news?" 

Stuvek handed a glass from the replicator to his Captain and sat down at this desk.

"I have not checked the tickers since the start of my shift, Captain."

"I will fill you in," Montgomery accepted the glass and took a sip. 

Stuvek raised an eyebrow and brought the PADD on his desk to life with a touch. He quickly glanced at the list of incoming test results from his junior science officers when he noticed a bold red headline running across the top of the screen. He read, paused, reread, and looked at the ceiling for a moment.

Montgomery filled the Chief Science Officer in on what the Commodore had reported to him earlier. 

"I am at a loss for words, Captain...."

"So am I, Mr. Stuvek." Captain Montgomery continued, "but that's not all I'm afraid. This stays between us for now, understand?" 

"Of course, Captain."

"Starfleet Command has reported that some androids have been responsible for these attacks across Mars," Montgomery continued, "its not easy but I'm waiting on orders from Starfleet Command to deactivate and disassemble Commander Charlie.

"That does not seem possible, Captain. And even if androids were responsible, obviously Charlie was not involved."

The Captain nodded, "I definitely brought that forward when I spoke with the Commodore. He has stated that I'll have our orders to deactivate Charlie from the SFCINC. I'm not sure when the orders will come." 

"I would not ever consider not following orders from Command... I just do not know how we will accomplish this task."

"The Commodore knows where I stand on this, Commander. There's nothing we can do."

"I understand, Captain, and I stand ready to do whatever is needed.  Should we tell Commander Charlie what is going to happen, or is this something that we need to wait for the orders to determine?"

"I'm not certain." 

Stuvek sat in stunned silence and attempted to process what this news meant, not just for Charlie but for his own work on Soong-type synthetic life.

" I feel like we should inform him what's going to happen. You know him best, what do you think?"

"I do not believe that he would resist the inevitable, and it seems only fair to warn him. Charlie has been more than just a member of the crew, he has been, and always will be, my friend."


Stuvek pulled up the statistics on Charlie on a nearby PADD. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, cognitively or operationally.

"Perhaps we should call him to a meeting?"

"He presently is presently checking in on the Romulan Centurion in Sickbay."

"Should we wait for him to finish his shift, then?" Stuvek answered, contemplating how this would play out. 

"A logical course of action," Montgomery responded. "Let's do that. My ready room, say 2000?"

Stuvek nodded and considered how the crew and officer staff were going to react to the news.  Stuvek swallowed the last of his raktajino and grimaced slightly looking ahead to whatever could happen in the next few hours and days.

"Thank you, Commander. I'll see you later today." 

Stuvek rose and walked back into the science lab proper as the Captain exited his office. It would be easy to give in to emotional response in this case, but Stuvek knew that he could not do that at this point. He glanced at the PADD that showed Charlie's stats and specs. Everything looked normal but Stuvek knew that soon the PADD would be blank. 


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