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Picking up the Centurion from Sickbay

Posted on Sat Aug 29th, 2020 @ 5:33pm by Commander Charlie C3A & Lieutenant Nathalie Inarvsdottir

Mission: Vetus amicus vale (Goodbye Old Friend)
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Mission Day 1 0845 HR


Commander Charlie C3A entered Sickbay. He was greeted by Lieutenant Smith standing stationary while the Centurion was being attended by Doctor Inarvsdottir, "Good morning, Doctor. How is the Centurion?" 

Nathalie looked up from the medical tricorder and nodded very slightly as the android addressed her, "So far, so good Commander. A few more minutes and the Centurion will be cleared for duty."

Commander Charlie nodded, "I will standby and await his medical clearance."

The Android standed stationary next to Lieutenant Smith.

Nathalie looked up briefly as her android crewmates moved slightly away. Taking the medical tricorder and entering a small range of input, she then placed the device down and nodded. Smiling slightly at the Centurion. "Right, so as far as your overall health, you're in good shape. If anything comes up, you know where to find me."

Nathalie paused and looked to Charlie, "The Centurion has medical leave for duty now Commander, thank you for waiting."

"Thank you, Doctor Inarsvdottir."

Nathalie smiled and inclined her head, "None necessary Charlie, it's my job."

"Likewise," Charlie answered. The Centurion approached the Android. "Welcome aboard, Centurion Khiel." 

"Thank you, Commander." The Romulan rose his eyebrow in an almost Vulcanesqe way. 

"I'll show you to your quarters," Charlie nodded. He gave a signal to Smith to follow pursuit and then left.


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