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The Formalities

Posted on Sat Aug 29th, 2020 @ 5:52pm by Lieutenant Nathalie Inarvsdottir & Lieutenant Commander Julia Silva

Mission: Vetus amicus vale (Goodbye Old Friend)
Location: Sickbay

Julia had been aboard the Lancelot for less than 24 hours and it had been a whirlwind. Her surprise appointment to XO, at least acting as such for the time being, meant that her expected return to Starfleet came with a lot more paperwork. Working her way through a kilometer long to-do list she entered Sickbay to get the report aboard medical out of the way. Despite having gone through a full physical as part of her recommissioning it was still a requirement for the ship's medical department to sign off on her health before she was technically on full duty. 

Nathalie stood from her small desk and smiled a little as the new crew member arrived into sickbay. Her head tilted ever so slightly as her white blonde hair swept into her view, "Lieutenant Commander  Silva I presume." Came her thick accented voice, addressing the other woman.

"Yes, Doctor Inarvsdottir?" Julia asked.

"Good to make your acquaintance. How can I help." Nathalie enquired.

"I wanted to get my medical out of the way although hopefully, the full medical Starfleet Med put me through a couple of weeks ago covered most of the bases." Silva replied.

Nodding as Silva spoke of the formal medical review, Nathalie picked up a comm pad and scanned through it, motioning to the medical bed. "Then this won't take long at all." She concluded aloud. "I will only need to confirm the data that I have from main." 

Julia nodded and hopped up on the biobed. "Thanks doc, I know you're probably busy enough as it is without hunting down officers who refuse to come in for their medicals." She replied.

Nathalie smirked as she began a simple scan over the Lt Cmdr, "Oh you'd be surprised how many people do not do that since I became Chief Medical Officer." She remarked frankly. Glancing up as she continued to take down the readings, "It has something to do with the fact that I'm a Klingon woman." The smirk remained plastered on her features as she worked.

Julia laughed, "Well, since apparently I'm also going to be the XO if anyone gives you any issues send me their names." 

Nathalie nodded silently as she took a half step back and began to line up the readings she now had with what was on Silva's file. "I'll keep that in mind. Thank you and congratulations." She replied without looking up from her current task.

"So what's the prognosis?" Julia asked, looking over to the Doctor.

As Nathalie wrapped up the final amount of readings, she glanced across at Silva. "So far, you're above board. Just doing the final checking then you're cleared for duty." A small smile graced her features, nodding as she checked the final information and put the padd down. "You are formally released for duty Lieutenant Commander." She said finally and stepped forward to the medical bed. 

"Thanks Doc, and like I said let me know if you have any issues with people not coming in." Julia said with a nod, before heading to towards the doors.

Nathalie nodded silently and moved to her office once more to complete her list of tasks. It was nice to have met the new XO but she then remembered an item she'd not mentioned to much of the crew.
That, however would have to wait.


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