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A Daystrom In the Life [2380]

Posted on Fri May 29th, 2020 @ 7:34pm by Captain Alden Montgomery & Lieutenant Commander Stuvek
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Mission: History
Location: USS Lancelot / Daystrom Institute
Timeline: 2380
Tags: C3A, Charlie, Stuvek, Maddox, Flashback, History, Character Development

Lieutenant Stuvek's Quarters

USS Lancelot NCC-74410 

Newly-minted Lieutenant Stuvek looked down at the case on the table in his quarters.  He had not yet unpacked his other personal belongings, his uniforms were in a hanging garment bag on the bed in his sleeping quarters, the rest of his clothing and personal effects were packed in two cases on the deck at the foot of the bed.  But the contents of this case had been calling him since he left the Apeiron.  Stuvek checked the control panel on the front of the case and observed that power had not been interrupted.  Stuvek placed his hand on a panel on the top of the case, a square thing a meter long by half a meter wide and about half a meter in height.  As his palmprint was read, the case unlatched and the lid opened, revealing a small square breadboard inside some bio-active gel.  The breadboard currently hosted several hundred thousand positronic membranes with connections between them.  This number had doubled twice since he had left the Apeiron, and it seemed that the bio-gel was doing its job and that the sub-micron sized positronic neurons were beginning to make their own connections.  Stuvek would have smiled had he been a human, but he admitted that despite what he had learned as a student of kolinahr, there was a small amount of pride that this seemed to be working.  He may yet be able to create a positronic matrix that would become the "brain" of a Soong-type android.

As Stuvek watched, the membrane in the bio-gel glowed slightly for a moment, but then areas began to turn dark.  Stuvek brought up a diagnostic display on a nearby PADD and watched as the cascade failues in the positronic matrix continued to redouble.  Within several minutes, the breadboard in the bio-gel was dark.  Stuvek closed the case without a comment or any sign on his face of the disappointment within.  This was not his first total cascade failure, and he knew that it would not be his last if he hoped to one day create his own positronic android.  Stuvek stood up, placing the PADD onto the top of the case, and turned to his quarters to begin unpacking on his new ship.  The new assignment as Assistant Chief Science Officer would doubtless keep him busy, but he knew he would have free time in ample supply to begin again.

Almost finished unpacking, Stuvek heard a beep as he felt the commbadge on his chest vibrate.

"Lieutenant Stuvek here, go ahead."

"Lieutenant, report to Captain Montgomery, please."

Captain's Ready Room, Deck 1


Captain Alden Montgomery had checked in with the Andorian Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Commander Oseth Ch'zaaqiq for their estimate time of arrival to Earth. Captain Bruce Maddox had personally invited him to the Daystrom Institute in Okinawa, Japan. The details surrounding his invitation to the Institute was vague, he was familiar with Captain Maddox's work on androids and synthetic life. 

The Captain knew that the Lancelot's newest assistant head of department, a Lieutenant, Stuvek of Vulcan, the new Assistant Chief Science Officer was familiar with positronics after speaking with Chief, Lieutenant Commander K'Mena Ryan. Alden looked at the PADD containing the written invitation from Captain Maddox that he was welcome to bring a guest. He had requested Lieutenant Commander Ch'zaaqiq to have the Lieutenant report to him in his ready room as soon as he's able. Perhaps he would be interested in accompanying him to Okinawa? 

Montgomery rose from behind his desk and walked over to the replicator, "Rakjatino, hot." He picked up the coffee once it replicated and headed back to his desk. He heard the door chime, looking over at the door, "Come in." 

Stuvek entered the office, taking a quick inventory of the surroundings before stopping in front of his new Commanding Officer and standing at attention.

"Lieutenant Stuvek, Assistant Chief Science Officer, reporting as ordered sir."

"Thank you for coming by," Captain Montgomery brought the rakjatino to his lips, out of habit he blew on the mug's contents in the attempt to cool the drink down to a more manageable and drinkable temperature. "I have read your personnel file, I see that you have worked at Daystrom Institute. Are you familiar with Doctor Maddox?" 

Stuvek nodded and considered his answer briefly before speaking.

"Yes, sir, I worked at Daystrom before I entered the Academy, I have some experience with Soong-type androids and have studied the work of Doctor Maddox at great length.  Our only encounter was a brief one, however."

The Captain nodded his head, "Interesting. I have received a personal invitation to visit Doctor Maddox at Daystrom Institute's campus in Okinawa once the Lancelot reports to Spacedock One for resupply and change in personnel. Would you be interested in accompanying me down to Okinawa?" 

Stuvek did his best to hold his reply. The emotions that tried to surface were quickly suffused and Stuvek took several breaths before answering.

"I would be most intrigued to see the advancements that have been made since last I was at Daystrom, sir. My time there was too short and another opportunity to review what Doctor Maddox has achieved would be most welcome."

"Is that a yes, Lieutenant?" The Captain wanted a yes or a no answer from the newly minted Lieutenant. 

"That is most certainly a yes, sir."

"Splendid. We are only a couple hours away, we'll disembark in the next hour. I have made arrangements to take the USS Black Knight down to Earth's surface. I'll meet you in the Main Shuttlebay within the next hour and a half."

"Excellent, sir. That will give me time to collect some of my research onto a PADD so that I can transfer it to my old section lead for review."

"Terrific, Lieutenant. You are dismissed," the Captain took a sip of his coffee and then reached out to the Lieutenant with his free hand, "Welcome aboard, Lieutenant." 

"Thank you, sir. It is an honor."

"See you in a couple of hours." 

Stuvek nodded and made his way to his quarters. He dumped his latest research and the results of his failed positronic matrix to a nearby PADD and made his way to the shuttle bay.

USS Black Knight (NCC-74410/1)

Several Hours Later

The Type-18 shuttlepod USS Black Knight descended in altitude on approach and flew across the Japanese shoreline towards the Daystorm Institute's Okinawa Campus. Captain Alden Montgomery was sitting in the copilots seat, while Assistant Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Stuvek helmed the shuttlepod. They finished a quick flyover of the facility to get an idea how large the facility was.

"Thank you for the flyby, Lieutenant. This is the first time I've visited the Daystrom Institute. I want to at least make it a memorable one before we get to work," Captain Montgomery saiid.

"It is an impressive sight from above, but wait until you can see what happens inside," Stuvek answered as he piloted the shuttle around towards landing pad 4. "Some of the most cutting-edge research is happening just beyond those doors."

Once the shuttle was securely on the ground, Stuvek powered it down and exited the craft.

"I am looking forward to it, Lieutenant." The Captain rose his feet and made his way to the door of the shuttlepod and pressed it for the door to open. The door's alarm sounded lightly throughout the small interior as it descended down onto the pad. Captain Montgomery took a few steps onto the shuttlepad that looked out onto the Pacific Ocean, "This is only the third time I've been to Earth minus my time spent in San Francisco at the Academy."  

The seasalt filled the Captain's nostrils as he breathed in deeply as he waited for the Lieutenant to exit the shuttlepod.

Stuvek exited the shuttle and locked it with his palmprint. He turned around and looked off the coast to the east, where the sun had started to rise above the horizon.

"Awe-inspiring, isn't it, Captain?"

"Very, Lieutenant." Montgomery gestured towards the entrance from the shuttlepad, "Perhaps we should go inside. I would hate to keep the Doctor waiting." 

"Yes, let us go inside and see what Doctor Maddox has for us."


The two officers walked into the entrance of Daystrom and approached the reception desk.

Conference Room, Daystorm Institute Okinawa Campus

Okinawa, Japan; Earth

Captain Alden Montgomery and Lieutenant Stuvek were brought to a conference room waiting for Doctor Bruce Maddox. Moments later, the scientist entered the conference room and approached the Captain, "I am sorry to keep you waiting, Captain." 

"We weren't waiting very long doctor," Montgomery replied sitting up from his seat at the conference table. He reached his hand out and the two captains shook hands. "This is the Lancelot's Assistant Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Stuvek." 

"Live long and prosper, Doctor Maddox," Stuvek greeted his hero, eschewing the usual Vulcan hesitation to make contact and giving a firm handshake.

"Greetings, Lieutenant. I believe we've met before, haven't we?" Maddox inquired as his hand moved from Montgomery's to offer to shake the Lieutenant's hand. 

"Yes, sir. I was a researcher aboard Daystrom before I went to the Academy. I was working in the emerging cognition department. I have since worked on my own to try to replicate the work of Doctor Soong."

"A welcome back to Daystrom, Lieutenant." Doctor Maddox led both of them down a series of corridors, "Daystrom and I have recently approached Starfleet to kickstart a new project. Starfleet is back on course with the amount of starships and facilities it had pre-Dominion War. This means there has been a shortage of second-in-commands as they receive commands of their own. As Lieutenant Stuvek is aware of my work in androids and synthetic life, Captain Montgomery. I have been developing alongside with my A500 labour series to construct androids that can serve in the capacity of first officer." The Daystrom scientist looked over to the Vulcan scientist in hopes to get a conversation going. 

"This is a most fascinating development, Doctor.  Do you have any schematics or technical documents on this new variant?" Stuvek asked, stopping his movement for a moment and becoming more animated than he normally was.

"Indeed I do," Doctor Maddox replied, "And I'll be more than happy to share.  We're headed now to the lab where the first two candidate androids are being assembled and activated.  Come this way, please."

Stuvek followed and soon they entered a spacious operating room-style laboratory.  In the middle of the room were two tables, an Android body on each one.  Their heads had been opened and several connectors ran from inside to a large bank of computers.  Stuvek set his case down and approached one of the displays.  On it were the current schematics and live results from the positronic matrices inside the two android bodies.  Stuvek marveled at the speed of conductivity in each "brain" and again reflected on his recent failure.  The answer to what he missed was here somewhere.

"Doctor, would it be possible to have the schematics and initial testing results from these two androids dumped onto my PADD so that I can study them back on the ship?  I recently failed at initiating a postrionic matrix and believe that the answers I need may be here."

"We can definitely arrange this, Lieutenant.  But I have a feeling that you will be able to study one of these much closer.  There's a reason I asked you and the Captain here today..."

The three men entered the labratory where two scientists were in the process of assembling the last of the two androids. 

"While the A500-type labourers are more based on an original design. These are more based upon the Soong-type androids but the architecture is mostly of my own. Starfleet was pretty specific that they wanted a different architecture compared to these for security-related purposes as they will have mission-specific subroutines installed for different mission parameters," Maddox answered. 

"Interesting," Captain Montgomery simply responded while another team was finalizing things with the fully assembled Android. 

"Are we going to see them activated, Doctor?" Stuvek asked, studying the console in front of him were several scientists were working feverishly.

"In just a few minutes we'll be ready to turn them both on and watch the bootstrap process on the overhead console," Doctor Maddox replied, waving his arm at gigantic screens hung on the back wall of the lab.

"Fascinating, I would love to be able to see this, it should advance some of my own research by quite a bit."

"Doctor, units 1 and 2 show ready for activation," one of the scientists spoke, glancing momentarily at Stuvek.  She seemed familiar to Stuvek, but he filed away an image of her face within his mind to cross-reference later.


Several keypresses and beeps later, the two large screens came to life with an image of the neural network for each android on one of them.  Stuvek read as quickly as he could to watch the positronic matrices spring to life.  This was it, the moment of the birth of two Soong-type androids.  Stuvek had waited almost his entire life to see this in action.  He pulled out his PADD and began to take notes.

The Captain stood next to the Lieutenant while Maddox had joined his team of scientists working on both androids in front of them. Montgomery looked over at the Vulcan science officer, "So you've been trying to duplicate this technology on your very own since your time here at Daystrom?"  

"Actually I started a while before that, back at the Vulcan Science Academy.  My first experiments were rudimentary, I was just trying to create a positronic matrix with enough processing power to have it parse some big numbers and logic problems.  This was successful, but I have not so far been able to get much bigger the 6.02 times 10 the 23rd power with any positronic matrix since.  I do not have ample success to even begin to create the basics of a functioning human brain like Dr. Soong had done previously and Dr. Maddox is doing here now."

Stuvek nodded and contemplated for a moment before replying.

"Yes sir, having a Soong-type android on our own ship would be most useful for my studies, but also an advantage to the ship itself."

Stuvek watched as the technicians completed their initial checks and removed the cabling harnesses from the new androids' heads, closing up the access panels.  As yet, the android bodies did not have hair on their heads, and their bodies, although complete, were not completely formed.

"Doctor Maddox, I assume that once the operation of the units check out, you will be finishing their body sculpting and adding hair, is that correct?"

"That is correct, Lieutenant." Doctor Maddox replied, "both androids have been made andrognyous in appearance. These are C3A and C3B." 

Stuvek nodded.

"C3A and C3B. What happened with the C1 and C2 series?" Captain Montgomery inquired. 

"The C1 and C2 series were merely prototypes and experimental. We built the C3 series upon the C1 and C2 infrastructures established. We believe we perfected the model that Starfleet will find beneficial." Maddox replied.

"I look forward to find out first-hand, Doctor.  Will we be able to see one in action before our visit is concluded?"

"Yes Lieutenant," Doctor Maddox looked over to the Captain. "I don't think your Captain has informed that the program that the Lancelot will be particpating with Daystrom." 

"I thought you would fill the Lieutenant," Captain Montgomery smiled. 

"You'll be bringing the C3A unit home to the Lancelot with you, Lieutenant." Maddox put lightly.

Stuvek took in the information and nodded slightly.  He didn't want to admit to feeling just a bit overwhelmed by what he had just heard.  He looked to the Captain and then to the Doctor and finally, after measuring his words fully, he replied.

"On the Lancelot, Doctor?  Captain?  It will be stationed on our ship?  What position will it be filling?"

"Yes, Lieutenant. The LancelotStarfleet Command extended Doctor Maddox invitation to come to Daystorm Institute. We will be particpating in a programme. We have expanded the fleet tenfold and recovered from the Dominion War which has created a personnel issue. As executive officers are being promoted to captaincies of their own there's a lot of vacancies throughout the fleet including the Lancelot. C3A will be serving as executive officer provisionally for a minimum of a year. I'll leave the rest to you, Doctor Maddox." 

"You've got most of the information down, Captain."

Stuvek again took in the information, parsing it with his knowledge of known Soong-type androids in the service of Starfleet, which was admittedly a limited number even since the historic Data aboard the USS Enterprise.

"This will afford me a great opportunity to study the behavior, and if I am allowed access, the performance of the android at an incredible length."

"You definitely will," Maddox walked over to one of the scientist who handed him over a PADD. He brought it over and handed it to the Lieutenant, "This is for you. Effectively immediately, you'll be the point of contact between C3A and Daystrom Institute. You'll keep us updated on all matters and we'll do the same here in Okinawa. This is all the information including diagnostic tools if C3A requires any repairs. Within six months we will be able to send replacement parts. We are only in the process of developing additional androids for placement at this time." 

Stuvek looked at the PADD, currently displaying a seeming-endless stream of statistics and information about the A unit as it completed its initial boot up and began to process what was going on around it.

"Thank you Doctor, I truly hope that I will be able to contribute something to this endeavor.  I look forward to serving under C3A on the Lancelot."

Doctor Maddox smiled at the Lieutenant as he brought the unit online. 

"Identify yourself?" Maddox inquired.

"I am Command Protocol Android, Make Three, Serial A." 

Maddox gestured his hand to Captain Alden Montgomery, "This is Captain Alden Montgomery, Commanding Officer of the Nebula-class starship USS Lancelot NCC-74410. You will be serving under his command and leadership in your role as the Lancelot's Acting Executive Officer. I am now transfering you under his directive and command." 

"Affirmative," C3A responded robotically asound. 

Stuvek watched as Doctor Maddox first interacted verbally with the new android.

Maddox approached Captain Montgomery with the PADD. It pulled up a handprint outlined in orange, "Captain if you can place your hand on this, please." 

The Captain followed through and placed his hand. The handprint flashed green momentarily the words TRANSFER SUCCESSFUL appeared on top of the PADD. 

"C3A, as Doctor Maddox has told you, you'll be serving aboard the Lancelot as her first officer. I'm giving you the provisional rank of Lieutenant Commander."

"Thank you, Captain Montgomery." C3A nodded.

"This is the Lancelot's Assistant Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Stuvek," Maddox gestured over to the Vulcan science officer.

"Lieutenant Stuvek," C3A greeted. 

"Greetings, C3A," Stuvek spoke when the android looked towards him.  Its mostly-featureless face was still impressive.  To Stuvek, the most impactful thing to have happened in his life so far was standing a meter away from him in its newly-created glory.

"He will be the Institute and Starfleet's liaision officer onboard the Lancelot. He'll be responsible for your maintenance onboard the Lancelot."

"I cannot wait to see how this turns out, for both of us, C3A," Stuvek answered, and without a second thought gave the Vulcan greeting with his hand, followed by the words, "Live Long and Prosper, C3A."

The Android nodded his head, "Thank you, Lieutenant." 

Stuvek glanced at the diagnostics PADD once more, enjoying the stream of data constantly flowing on it showing the new android's computational speed and power.  As acting Executive Officer, this android should increase productivity on the ship across the board.

"Do you require anything else from us, Doctor Maddox?" Stuvek asked, looking first at the Doctor, then the Android and finally to his Captain.  His future in Starfleet, on the Lancelot, and working on Soong-type and Maddox-type androids stretched out before him, infinite diversity in infinite combinations without a doubt in his mind.

"Nothing else is required on your end, Lieutenant." Maddox responded. 

"Understood, I cannot wait to see how this works out for you, for C3A, and for all of us."

Captain Montgomery nodded, "Likewise. We should be headed back to the Lancelot now." 

Maddox nodded "C3A shall be onboard the Lancelot by 0700 tomorrow."


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