The Last Straw [2378]

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Mission: History
Location: USS T'ren
Timeline: 2378
Tags: Andorian, argument, th'Atan, history

For my character, I’m going with the Typhon Pact version of Andorians. They have four genders and marry in quads. It includes the Andorian genetic reproduction crisis as backstory. It doesn’t interfere with any actual canon.


[[USS T’ren]]

[[Seven years ago]]

The Andorian ensign walked slowly down the corridor of USS T’ren. A greeting by a passing officer was returned with a curt nod. Only those crewmates with experience with Andorians would notice Bhastethen’s antennae alternating between quivering and pressing back against his skull. Otherwise, nothing would betray his calm exterior. He turned from the corridor and entered a turbolift. Internally several emotions fought for dominance. Anger. Confusion. Fear. But all of them agreed in hoping no one would enter the turbolift. The doors closed with a nearly silent swish. Bhas didn’t wait a millisecond before letting out a roar and punching the door. The alloy didn’t dent but the pain briefly alleviated Bhastethen’s mind. He fell back against the interior and leaned forward onto his knees. He took several deep breaths before prompting the turbolift to take him to his quarters.

The thrum and movement of the lift momentarily calmed the passionate ensign. His mind turned to his ch'te and sh’za (Andorian terms of endearment). How was he going to explain to Kahr and Vrisse that he’d fucked it up again. One impulsive decision later and now he was being transferred to another ship. Again.  Kahr would be the one most affected and probably the most angry. Afterall, he served in Starfleet as well. The personnel department would have to find two postings. Vrisse was easier to please. She wasn’t Starfleet. She was just around for the adventure of it all. 

The doors opened and Bhastethen paused. He took a deep breath and squared his shoulders before exiting. 

==Two hours later==

“I didn’t do it on purpose! I’m trying my best and I am NOT sabotaging your life!” Bhastethen’s veins throbbed on his forehead as he stared at Vrisse from across the room. His white hair was askew and his jaw was clenched. He had expected Kahr to be upset at the transfer, but he couldn’t have been more wrong. The chaan was sitting on the edge of the bed staring passively. He had checked out completely. This argument was only between Bhasthethen and Vrisse.

Vrisse clenched both of her fists and wrinkled her brow. Her antennae thrashed back and forth. “I can’t. I won’t! I love you Bhas. And I thought I knew what it meant to follow two Starfleet officers and your careers. But I’m not sure that you can even call this a career! It seems you take every opportunity to sabotage your chances. And it’s not just your life. You are ruining Kahr’s life as well.” She glanced over at Kahr. His eyes only flitted to meet hers before returning to whatever void he was staring into. She wasn’t going to get any support from him.

“So what? Are you going to leave us like Timi?” Bhas meant that last part as an insult. Timias was the fourth member of their bonding. She had a personality at least as fiery as Vrisse. The zhen hadn’t even made it six months before she left the other three and took their son with her. 

Vrisse’s eyes widened and her antennae stood rigidly. Bhas knew he had struck a nerve. “Really. You think it's like that? Well, we know how that turned out.” The shen turned around and marched out the room. Bhas followed her. She started pulling out drawers and gathering her belongings. She glanced over her shoulder. “Maybe Timi had the right idea. I’m done.”

Bhas’ face flushed cobalt and he turned away. “Well, I hope you have a happy life together. It seems pretty damn impossible to achieve.” 

Not even Vrisse’s sobs got the stubborn thaan to turn around and get his mate to stay. 



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