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Meeting the Doc

Posted on Sat Jul 4th, 2020 @ 3:16pm by Lieutenant Nathalie Inarvsdottir & Captain Alden Montgomery

Mission: History
Location: USS Lancelot [2378]
Timeline: 2378

Sickbay, USS Lancelot NCC-74410

Captain Alden Montgomery entered Sickbay. He had only been in command of the Lancelot for a fortnight. Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Commander Tovan McGregor had been offered a fellowship at Starfleet Medical Academy. He had put in word for his Acting Assistant Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant JG Nathalie Inarsdottir to replace him in an interim capacity. 

"Can I assist you?" An ensign inquired.

"Yes, of course Ensign. Is Doctor Inarsdottir available? I'm due for my physical." 

"I could get Doctor McGregor," Ensign started to walk away to the Chief Medical Officer's office. 

"Ensign," Montgomery called for her and then ordered, "I would like to see Doctor Inarsdottir. I have spoken with Doctor McGregor already." 

"Certainly Captain," the Ensign nodded, "I'll go get Doctor Inarsdottir for you." 

The nursing ensign disappeared from sight and within a minute, a blonde haired, light skinned Klingon appeared. Her arms over her head as she was fixing a pin into her almost white blonde hair.

It was another moment still until she paused, huffed lightly and let her arms fall to her side. Her gaze rose to the senior officer and a small smile graced her interesting features. Her hand shot out as she spoke, a thick Scandinavian accent gracing her words as she addressed the man, "Captain Montgomery I presume."

"You presumed correctly," Captain Montgomery smiled. 

The smile remained on her features as she gestured to an empty bed. "You're one of the few Captain's I've come across who do not shy from their physicals." She remarked as she moved toward the vacant bed, retrieving a medical tricorder along the way.

"I came down with an ulterior motive," Captain Montgomery replied coyly as he moved towards to the empty bio-bed she directed him to. 

As the elder human spoke, Nathalie rose a brow and glanced over toward him as he moved toward her. This has definitely peaked her interest. "Alright, I'll bite." She replied, her tone somewhat skeptical and guarded.

Captain Montgomery laughed, "You are aware that Doctor McGregor will be leaving the Lancelot within a fortnight to his new posting at Starfleet Medical?"

Nathalie nodded, silently as Montgomery spoke. She ran the tricorder within close proximity to his uniform, keeping an eye on the readings then snapping it shut in a practiced action. "Yes, he's been speaking about only that for weeks. To say he's excited would be an understatement."

"He has spoken very highly of you," Captain Montgomery continued, "while you have only been aboard the Lancelot for a few months you have risen to the occasion several times. How would you feel about dropping the Assistant part from your title? He has recommended you to serve as the Lancelot's Acting Chief Medical Officer. What do you say?"

Nathalie physically paused. Her startling eyes raising to fall on the senior officer. Her expression was blank for a moment before a smile broke over her entire facial features. "If I weren't so shocked Sir, I'd most likely say how much I appreciate the offer." She chuckled and shook her head free of the apparent shock. "I accept. Wholeheartedly. Thank you, Sir."

"Congratulations," Alden replied.

Nathalie allowed herself a deep exhale as a smile spread quickly over her features which turned into a chuckle, "Thank you Captain." As she then took up the tools of her trade and continued with his physical examination.

"Thank you for giving me a new bill of health, Doctor but I must return to my duties. I look forward to working with you in your new capacity as our new acting department head." 

Nathalie smiled and nodded her head, "As I do also with you Captain. You're free to go."

Captain Montgomery nodded his head and left Sickbay. 



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